Bill Shea’s services include business, personal, not for profit and estate and trust tax preparation. In addition to business tax preparation Bill is available to provide businesses with financial statement preparation, compilation, review and audit engagements as well as bookkeeping services.

When you establish a relationship with Bill, he’ll keep your specific financial goals in mind and continuously search for new ways to help you attain those goals.

Your ongoing relationship with Bill will also provide you with an expert to call on whenever financial questions or crises arise: a financial problem-solver who’s already familiar with your particular financial situation.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Many successful professionals find tax laws and regulations nearly incomprehensible. This is especially true of those professionals affected by the very complex alternative minimum tax (AMT). If you’ve been thinking that you might need the services of a tax professional, you probably do.

With his deep understanding of tax law, Bill can prepare your personal taxes and guide you toward the best uses of your money. If you own a business, Bill can also provide you with business tax services.

Personal Financial Planning

As your career and family grow, so does your need for sound financial planning. Bill can guide you through the financial complexities of…

  • property investments and sales
  • incentive stock options
  • brokers and their financial products
  • retirement savings
  • financing a first home
  • divorce, health issues, and the death of a spouse

College Fund Planning

Saving for a college education may be one of the biggest financial challenges you’ll ever face. It’s not easy to know how much money you should save, or which saving method will afford you the biggest tax breaks.

With years of experience with 529 plans and other college saving vehicles, Bill can help you establish a fund for your family’s specific educational needs.

Estate Planning

If you own assets, you’ll eventually need an estate plan to protect those assets after your death or in the event of your becoming incapacitated. Bill can help you…

  • avoid or reduce your estate taxes
  • increase the value of the assets you transfer to your beneficiaries
  • prevent your assets from being transferred to unintended beneficiaries
  • protect your assets, should you become incapable of communicating your intentions

Contact Bill today to schedule your consultation.